Tidelands Campgrounds Camping Rates and Rules

Cabin rental requires a minimum 2 night stay.


                                         CURRENT RATES-2024


RV’s Full Hookups (cable, water, electric & sewer) - $55-65 per night depending on site

RV’s Partial Hookups (water & electric) - $50 per night

 **Extra tent at RV sites will be an additional $10 per night. Extra car additional $10 per night.

Cabins 1, 2 and 3 – Sleeps 4 - $179 plus tax per night

Cabin 4 – Sleeps 6 - $210 plus tax per night
Cabins are fully furnished with full kitchens with pots, pans, dinnerware utensils, etc. Cabin has shower, electric fireplace and big screen tvs.

Maximum of 2 dogs per cabin allowed with a $20 non-refundable pet fee, per dog, per visit.

Tent Sites (4 people, 1 tent, 1 car) -  $40 per night
Extra tent at all sites will be an additional $10 per night. Extra car additional $10 per night (max total persons at site = 6). Maximum of 2 tents per site of 2 cars per site. 

*Prices are subject to change.

 For more details, etc., please inquire in office at 360-289-8963.





Pets must be on a leash and in control by owner!

Pets are welcome if they are leashed, attended and quiet. Don't bring aggressive breed dogs, as our insurance doesn't allow us to have them here. We know that most aggressive breed dogs are harmless and are great companions, but our insurance company says "NO". 

Whether walking your dog or being at your campsite, pick up and dispose of droppings promptly. Do not use bathhouse sinks or showers for pets or pet articles. If camp staff have to tell a camper more than 2 times to observe the pet rules, the third time will be an eviction from the park with no refund.

Remember, there is no poop fairy at Tidelands Campgrounds, so please pick up.  Plastic bags are located in the park in various locations.


Children are the responsibility of their parents at all times and should be at their campsite by 9:00 pm. Little ones should be accompanied by an adult when visiting the park, bathhouse, etc.

Garbage, Campfires, etc.

Remind your party to place beverage containers, candy wrappers, etc. in dumpsters located around the campgrounds...help teach kids not to litter.  Keep broken lawn furniture, boxes, packaging, etc., for disposal at your home.  Please take a garbage bag with you when you walk to the beach and pick up garbage that others have disrespectfully left.....lets try to keep our beaches clean for our kids to enjoy when they grow older!  Thanks!

Campfires - Are permitted only in the fire rings provided. Do not move the fire rings from non-grassy areas. Keep fires small and never leave them unattended. Bring wood or buy it at office.  Please don't move picnic tables from other campsites.  Each site has a picnic table and if you're with several other campers in other sites, it's alright to combine them into 1 site but please move them back to their original areas before checking out.

Bathhouse - Please rinse off sand at the shower located outside BEFORE using showers!  NO SAND IN BATHHOUSE!  Do not wash dishes, clams, etc., in the bathhouse. There are sinks, etc., for that in the pavilion in between the Full RV Hookups and the tent sites. Please clean up your mess after using. Do not leave fish guts, etc., in the sink drains!

Lost and found -  Report, turn in, or claim items at office. Never enter or remove any article from another site. "Finders-keepers" does not apply.

Reservations - are recommended for summer months and required for large groups.  Please call us and leave a message of what type of site you're needing (Cabin, RV (full or partial) or tent), what your arrival and departure date will be and what type/breed of pets you're bringing, and leave your phone number and we'll call you back as soon as possible.

ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED ~ All FIREWORKS not allowed in camp or dunes!! 

No open carry of firearms allowed in park. No scavenging; trespass in other sites (occupied or not); chopping, cutting, or removal of any plant, tree, or article; metal detecting or digging for any purpose; adjusting, modifying, or tampering with any equipment, facility, or utility; damaging or defacing any park property by any means, soliciting, for any purpose. 
Harming wildlife or poaching will not be tolerated and offender(s) will reported to Fish and Game and will be promptly evicted from premises if violated...no exceptions.

If camp staff observe any of the actions being done, you will be asked to leave the campgrounds with no refund.
NOTE: This area has a growing black bear population (we’ve seen them here at Tidelands) so be mindful and don’t leave your food out for long periods of time or you might get a surprise you’re not ready for……Crows will pick away your food items at your site, if left out!

ATV's (mopeds, scooters, four wheel vehicles, go carts, etc.) are prohibited in campgrounds. 

Speed Limit in camp is 10 MPH.  This speed limit applies to all vehicles, including bikes, electric bikes, hoverboards, etc.  And please observe our only stop sign by the office. We have kids on bikes here and we want them to be safe!